Steel Wire Rope, Fibre Ropes, Lashing Equipment, Hoisting Equipment, Lifting Equipment, PPE & Slings


Chain, Rope, Steel Wire Rope, Cutters, Crimpers, Gripples, Gripple Anchors & Trellis Twine

FISHING & Marine

Trawl Warps, Ropes, Shackles, Lifting Equipment, PPE & General Fishing & Marine Hardware


Cable, Chain, Forestry Fittings, PPE & Firefighting Equipment


Testing & Servicing

75 years experience allows for turnkey servicing and repairs of:
  • Cranes, Truck Cranes, Forklifts, Tail Lifts & Car Lifts
  • Hoists (Chain Block, Lever Hoist, Gantry Cranes, Overhead Systems)
  • Rigging Equipment
Testing & Servicing areas covered.

Oil & GAs

Afrishore Lifting & Rigging has an extensive array of equipment to service oil & gas industry needs:

Steel Wire Rope

  • IWRC 

  • Fibre Core

Fibre Ropes

  • Polysteel Rope

  • Polyrene Rope

Lashing Equipment

  • Grade 80 Chain

  • Lever & Ratchet Load Binders

  • Polyester Tiedowns

Hoisting Equipment

  • Subsea Leverhoist

  • Subsea Chain Blocks

  • Cablepullers

  • Beam Clamps

  • Beam Crawls

Lifting Equipment

  • Plate Grabs

  • Shackles

  • Swivel Lifting Points

  • Drum Lifters

  • Hooks

  • Chain Fittings


  • Wire Rope Slings

  • Polyester Round

  • Polyester Flat

  • Chain Slings

  • Webbing Slings





Any lifting device requires annual recertification. This service is offered on an on and offsite basis.

  • Annual Load Testing

RE-Certification & Inspection


Visual inspection of lifting tackle(hooks, slings, shackles, swivels, harnesses, plate grabs, bean clamps, crawl beans, spreader beams, drum lifters), lifting devices & lifting equipment.

  • 6-Monthly Visual Inspection



Once defects or faults have been identified repairs and servicing can be actioned on and offsite.

Preventative maintenance and maintenance schedules to avoid breakdowns and downtime can also be compiled and managed on our client's behalf. 


Cable, Chain, Forestry Fittings, PPE & Firefighting Equipment


Afrishore Lifting & Rigging has an extensive array of equipment to service farm, grow tunnel and agricultural project needs:


  • Grade 80 Chain(to break up compacted sand) 

  • 3mm Chain for Tunnels


  • Bailer Twines

  • Tunnel Twine

  • 6mm UV Stabilised Rope for Tunnels

Steel Wire Rope

  • Stay Wire (for anchoring)

  • 2,5mm - 6mm SWR (for bracing & tying)

  • 6x7 Wire Rope (for floppy systems)

  • 6x19 Wire Rope (for borehole pumps)


  • Wire Rope Cutters (0mm - 16mm)


  • 1,5mm - 6mm Crimpers


  • For Wire & SWR

  • 2mm - 4,8mm Gripples

Gripple Anchors

  • 1,5m Wire Rope

  • 1,8m Wire Rope

  • Petrol Driver with Rod

Fibre Ropes

  • Polysteel

  • Polyrene

Trellis Twine

  • 6-Ended Polysteel Twine


Fishing & Marine

Afrishore Lifting & Rigging stocks and manufactures per-spec equipment for the fishing and marine industries:

Trawl Warps

  • 6x19 for Trawlers 

  • 6x24 for Pursein Vessels

  • Combination Wire

General Fishing & Marine Equipment

  • Pulley Blocks

  • Knives

  • Splicing Tools

  • Hammer Locks

  • Degreasers 

  • Environmentally Friendly Cleaners

  • Handcleaners 

  • Flares

  • Offshore Marine Safety Products

  • Floats

  • Anchors

Lifting Equipment

  • Chain Blocks

  • Lever Hoist

  • Pallet Trucks

  • Hydraulic Jack


  • Polysteel Anchor Ropes

  • Polrene Anchor Ropes

  • Polysteel Mooring Ropes

  • Polyrene Mooring Ropes

  • Twines for Trawlers

  • Twines for Pursein Vessels


  • Trawl D Shackles

  • Tested Shackles



Afrishore Lifting & Rigging has a entire range of bespoke equipment stocked to service the forestry market:


  • 6x19 IWRC Ungalvanised

  • 6x26 Swaged Cable


  • Grade 80 Chain

  • Grade 100 Chain

  • Log Haul Chain

Forestry Fittings

  • Choker Hooks

  • Grab Hooks

  • Hammer Locks

  • Sliders

  • Pulleys

  • Oblong Rings

Firefighting Equipment

  • Fire Rake

  • Fire Beaters

  • Extinguishers 



Afrishore Lifting & Rigging stocks an extensive array of PPE and safety gear for application in the fishing, marine, construction, agricultural and forestry industries. We stock:

General PPE

  • Overalls

  • Safety Boots & Shoes

  • Rigger Boots

  • Gum Boots

  • Gloves

  • Eye Protection

  • Hardhats

  • Earmuffs & Laserchord Earplugs

Height Safety PPE

  • Harnass

  • Lanyard

  • Carabine Hooks

  • Descenders

  • Ascenders

  • Rope

  • Fall Arresters

  • Vertical Safety Lines

  • Horizontal Safety Lines

  • Temporary Safety Lines

  • Helmets

  • Gloves

Factory PPE

  • Mop Caps

  • Sleeve Protectors

  • Latex Gloves

  • Green Pads

  • Household Gloves

  • Snow Lotus Gloves

  • FFP1 Dustmasks

  • FFP2 Dustmasks

  • Aprons



Afrishore Lifting & Rigging was started in 2015 by parent company Afrishore Shipping as a way to diversify their service offering in response to the economic downturn in their core industry of oil & gas.​

Built on the back of over 25 years industry knowledge of marketing director Shaun Crozier, Afrishore Lifting & Rigging has compiled a wide range of equipment tailored to the local market but with the service delivery standards of it's parent company that caters to international oil & gas expectations.


Whatever your service and equipment requirements are, we have the knowledge and price points to find practical and cost-effective solutions to match your needs. 


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